Magic Booking

Hire a professional magician for your party

Colin John is a fully professional magician who has been delighting audiences around the world for over 30 years.

Colin John is a full-time professional magician. His face may well be familiar as he has appeared many times on television with “The Illusionaries”. If you are looking for some first-class entertainment for a function, party or event, talk to Colin first!

Distance is no object – Colin has even performed for the Royal Family of Bahrain!!

Colin is available for bookings in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Children’s parties
Close-up magic (table magic)
Punch and Judy shows
Magic shows in your own home
Corporate entertainment
Colin is CRB certified with Public Liability and is a member of British Actors Equity.
Please feel free to contact Colin on 01392 221066 to find out more about his children’s party magic shows and entertainment, adults’ party magic and corporate magic and entertainment.

Close Up Magic

This is becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment in this country today. Ideal for during a dinner, corporate functions, wandering in department stores and product launches to name but a few. Close up magic is a very intimate form of entertainment, is very much one-to-one entertainment and is able to purvey any product or concept a seller is trying to put over to a potential customer in a nice sort of way rather than a possible ‘hard sell’.

Balloon Modelling

This is an ideal alternative to close up magic and has become very popular over the last few years. Colin is able to offer you this service with his balloon cart, making him mobile and able to wander around making balloon sculptures, and even, if required, a few close up magic tricks. Suitable entertainment for the dinner table, corporate functions, department stores and product launches… plus much much more.

Intimate Stand Up Magic

This is what you would have called “Cabaret”.

Colin is able to perform a show for adults on stage, a ballroom or even your living room floor for a small number of people or a full theatre.

Times from about 10 minutes to a full 40-minute show.

Fortune Telling

Angel Cards

This is a lot gentler than Tarot and is just right for any after dinner entertainment. It is very good for single issues and can be done in a very short space of time which is a strong point when there is a long queue of people, not like Tarot which does appear to be a little heavier.

Pendulum Readings

This is an ideal item to use for fortune telling. It is for ‘yes’ ‘no’ answers and right for any after dinner entertainment. It is very good for problem-solving and can be done in a very short space of time which is a strong point when there is a long queue of people. Another thing, this can be done on the hoof and also in conjunction with Numerology & Angel Card Readings.


This is the non-psychic version of fortune telling, this is a very popular and unusual form of entertainment.

Colin takes the enquirer’s birth date and month and, within 1 minute of obtaining that information, a VERY accurate character assessment will be made. This can be followed by a little delve into the future using the very popular and accurate Angel Cards and Pendulum Readings which give you ‘yes’ ‘no’ answers to your questions. The enquirer will also go away with a booklet with the information gone through. This could also contain any advertising logo that was required.

Since doing this brief reading, Colin has been asked by many if a more involved Numerological reading could be done. So now we are able to offer the “FULL READING”. Colin will bring a laptop computer and printer. As the guests arrive, Colin will get the information from each guest that wishes to participate. During dinner then Colin will produce a full character assessment and a reading for the year in a beautifully produced booklet ready for the participant to collect later. The booklet consists of about 12 pages. This can also have any advertising logo on for any corporate event and will be treasured for a very long time by the recipient.

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