Balloon Modelling Mind Reading

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You tell the children you can read minds and to prove this you say you can predict what Balloon Animal they choose and even its colour.

You show them a group of cards with animal names on them. They choose one, but do not look at it. They do the same now with some colours.

You then commence to blow the balloon up and start to model it. Guess what……………it matches their choices.

This trick is very, very easy. Comes with all you need.

Bicycle Backed Cards with the colours and the animals names on them
12 Modelling Balloons
Balloon Modelling Instructions
Balloon Pump
So even if you have NEVER made a model before you can do a trick that is involving modelling balloons, is mindreading AND for children or you could even do this for adults.

This is so easy to master you will be doing this within 1 hour of opening it up.


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