Just Chance Keys

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Three spectators are asked on stage to help and try and win something quite valuable. 4 numbered envelopes are shown at all times in front of everyone. They are then asked to choose 1 of 4 large keys. Several times they are asked if they wish to change their minds.

After they are satisfied with their choice it leaves you with the last one.

They are then asked to change their coloured keys for a coloured numbered key fob to match their key colour.

They check their numbers and change them for the envelopes which match their coloured key fob and have been in full view ALL the time.

This leaves you with the last envelope which also matches the number on your key fob.

One at a time the spectators look at their envelopes, and are left with a consolation prize. You open yours and you have the real cash prize.

PLEASE NOTE. The spectators have first choice of whichever coloured key they want. All the envelopes are in FULL view from start to finish.

Comes complete with:

  • 4 large coloured keys
  • 4 large ungimmicked envelopes
  • Key fobs
  • The consolation prizes for repeat shows
  • Other needed accessories

This trick is VERY simple to perform and you can master it in less than 30 minutes.

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