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3 Children are asked to help and are told they are going to get a number of cards to jump from a pack into the card box. The number is chosen by a member of the audience.

5 cards are counted out and put into the card box and put to one side but visible at all times. The balance of the cards are also left in full view.

3 musical instruments are given to the children and you show them how to play them (which causes an uproar).

Then the serious business of getting the cards from the stack to the card box with the children using their instruments.

The card box is now opened and guess what the number in the card box has now increased to the amount that was pre-arranged.

This trick is great fun to perform if you let yourself go and get into the spirit of it.

It comes with:

  • Jumbo Bicycle Card box
  • Three musical instruments (of VERY good quality. Not always as per the picture)
  • Bicycle Jumbo Cards and Card Box
  • A great routine to make this a feature effect.

This trick I use in my show and is a really great participation trick that gets them laughing.

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