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You tell the children that you have bought your Mum flowers for her birthday. You then show them a beautifully chromed bronzed tube. You ask if they would like them to see them and the children say “Yes” and you say, “No you dont really” and you carry on with this backward and forward for as long as you can get away with it. You eventually lift it up and from it 2 weedy looking flowers fall on the floor. The children take no time to tell you they are not very good. You lift them up and it appears one does not have a red head like the other one and the children dont take very long to tell you. You decide you are going to fix this and you put the flower under your arm and turn around to get your Magic Wand. As you do so the children see in the process of you turning around a beautiful red flower head has grown. They shout and tell you. You take it from under your arm and there is no bloom there. You tell the children they must be fibbing and you put it under your arm again and turn around to get the wand, and again the same has happened. This happens several times and for the last time you eventually see it. You now get the other flower. You tell the children there is nothing wrong with this as you have watered it just before you started and the man in the shop said, “When it wilts it needs water. So it’s fine. As you turn away the flower wilts. This happens a few times and eventually you catch it wilting and you get very upset. Both of the flowers you have bought are not very good and it is your mum’s birthday. You put the 2 flowers inside the top of the tube and ask the children if they would help you try and make a really special bouquet. You get the children to shout 1, 2, and 3 and do a big magic blow and as you pull the tube off to take the place of the 2 weedy flowers is a really GREAT bouquet of flowers.Everyone is happy.

This is a really good kids effect with lots of byplay and lots of audience participation.

Comes complete with all the items to perform this great trick straight away.


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