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Another new one from our friend Wayne Rogers. Over Exposed, a really funny photo-routine for kids. A kid from the audience is invited to have their photo taken, by magic! Tell them that you have invented a great new way to take photographs that doesn’t require a camera. You just use your imagination! Bring out the special photographic plate and an empty cloth bag. The plate is made of plastic, and is black on both sides. Place the plate into the bag. Aim the bag at the kid, stamp your foot and remove the picture from the bag. Ooops! Seems the photo has been a little Over Exposed! The picture that has magically appeared is of a funny skull. Really Over Exposed! Give the kid the photo as a souvenir. Now, ask the kid to take your picture. Again, place the blank plate into the bag and hand it to the kid. He aims the bag at you and stamps his foot. Take the photo out. Not much better than last time! In fact, it is downright embarrassing! Your photo ends up looking like a donkey! “I don’t really look like that, do I?” A great kids’ routine. Easy to do. 100% mechanical. The special photo-plate does all the work. Comes with the photo-plate, the bag a full instructions and routine. This is one you will perform all the time!

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