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A funny routine for kids Created by Wayne Rogers THE AMAZING CHICANE You offer to take the assistant’s picture by magic but Something goes wrong. All you get is grinning Skull! “Help, I’ve OVER-EXPOSED IT!”

Assistant takes your picture and it’s even more embarrassing! Fun for all at the magic’s expense! This routine from my children’s act has been a personal favourite Wayne Roger for over 20 years. In 1992 at the Australian magicians’ convention, OVER-EXPOSED helped him win “Best Children’s Entertainer”. The method is simple so you can concentrate on the performance. When things go wrong (and they do!) all the laughs are on you. Over-Exposed has never failed to get a big reaction every time I present Over-Exposed.

A girl or boy from the audience is invited up to have their photograph taken. You tell them you’ve invented a great new way to take photographs that doesn’t even need a camera. You simply use your imagination. Introduce the special photographic plate and a cloth bag. The plate is placed in to the bag, you stamp your foot and remove the picture. Unfortunately the photo has been OVER-EXPOSED and you reveal a Skull picture! The child then takes a photo of you, but the result is not much better. It’s down right embarrassing. Your photo ends up looking like a Donkey! That’s the bare bones of it. We like this routine because the magician ends up being laughed at and the kid is coming away fine. The routine is pure gold, the equipment is rather crude but works just fine.

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