Silver Sceptre

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Designed to last a lifetime, this gleaming silver colour metal rod comes alive in your hands! It rises up from under a handkerchief, then rises from its carrying case which is supplied, then moves horizontally right and left, and finally shoots the bag… high into the air! Absolutely no threads.
Use your own foulard or see our range of Magicians Silk Handkerchiefs to use with it. Can be supplied as a Magic Wand too (silver ends and a black middle) or a Silver Stick.
This comes with a handmade cover and not like the one that is shown as it is made of cloth.

If you wish to buy wholesale you can do as there is a price for quantities of 6. For larger quantities please ask.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

1, 6

Sceptre Type

Magic Wand, Silver Stick


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