8 Ring Linking Ring Routine DVD by Peter Stedman,

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The Linking Rings is a great classic in magic. This DVD routine uses the traditional set of 8 large rings in a patter, audience participation routine. Not so many magicians perform it these days for adults or children and the reasons offered are varied. [1] It’s old stuff. [2] Some people have seen it. [3] Finding a suitable routine for the set and so on.

Yes it’s old, but that can be its advantage by telling the audience that it is one of the oldest tricks in magic. Even if a few have seen it, the others won’t have, so that’s a minor detail. Most magicians will recall the wonderful routine by Paul Daniels featuring the charming little girl assistant. It was pure ‘magic’ when seen.

The good points? Stage filling by using TWO helpers. Either adults or children of any age as assistants. The routine can be used in Stage, Cabaret or close-up. Always ready to hand. No replacements and about 5 seconds to reset. And it’s CLEVER REAL MAGIC THAT BAFFLES. This routine is based on the routine in Open Sesame (Lewis & Tyler) Goodliffe Publications.

This routine is tremendous, if you are looking for something new with a prop you have had in cupboard for years and years this is the routine for you.

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