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Ask if there are two people from the audience that would like to win something quite valuable. You then show three different coloured socks. Tell them inside each sock there is a capsule and inside each of them is something, but inside one of them is something quite valuable.
Invite the two spectators to select which sock they prefer. Ask them if they want to change their mind. After they get the coloured sock of their choice, you ask the first one to feel inside and remove the capsule and open it. Inside it is a fortune telling fish, which obviously is not the main prize but it may teach them to win it next time. You then ask the second spectator if they would now like to change socks.
You then get them to take the capsule out of the sock. You then say you never normally ask people to do this but would they like to swap containers with you or give your container a shake or see which is the heaviest? They then eventually open their container and they also have a fortune telling fish.
You then say as yours MUST be the winning one there is no point in opening yours. After this expected byplay you do open your container and in it is a £5 note (not included). You now take your applause.This is so easy to do, comes complete to work straight away. You will do this after about 20 minutes handling.
The other nice thing about this is you are left clean.

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