Making Magical Memories By Colin Dymond Book

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Making Magical Memories is a book about just that. I think our job as children’s entertainers is not just to give kids a good show but to give them some great lasting memories.
I still remember seeing a magician when I was a child.This book has some sound advise on how to advertise your self, Taking the bookings, some tips on staging your show and of course some of my favourite tricks and games straight out of my show. There is nothing here that I haven’t used to great success.
I hope you like it and find something useful in it, I’m sure you will.The Review. Mark Wade.I have quite an extensive kidshow library and I am proud to add Colin’s new book to my collection. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this book. It’s filled with good, practical advice and routines from a pro (you can tell a pro a mile..opps kilometre..away!)
They KNOW what they are talking about and if you work shows yourself you get the feel this is all audience tested material.
I give it 5 stars!

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